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  • Land Transport

    Multimodal, Local and cross border reliable road transportation service for your cargo.

Land Transport Overview

Reliable & Dedicated Solutions

With reliable, punctual and safe land transport services, we are able to provide a complete logistics solution. We strive to provide our customers with a complete hassle-free solution with full visibility. Utilizing technology and advanced transportation and quality management systems to ensure that everything falls into place. We offer all kinds of transportation services, handling all kinds of cargo from over sized to small Partial loads. From single-trips to complete dedicated transportation solutions. Additionally trust-able worldwide network allows us to reach the most remote locations.

Service Range

Our services range:

A wide range of land Transport solutions

FTL – Full TruckLoad

LTL – Partial Load

Cross Border solutions

Multi-Modal solutions

Industry specific solutions

KPI Reports

To ensure quality and consistency we generate key performance indicator reports regularly to improve process visibility and spot areas of improvement.

Dedicated solutions

Customize your solution to meet your supply chain objectives, and benefit from combining more than one service for maximum enhancement.

Instant Notifications

Improve your timely predictions by tracking your shipment at all times and receive instant notifications at all critical points across your cargo’s trip.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking to make sure you can monitor your cargo’s movement at all times


Efficient, Fast and reliable handling of cargo with full visibility.

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