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  • Contract Logistics

    Dedicated contract solutions to better manage your supply chain.

Contract Logistics Overview

reliable, Customizable and accessible at all times.

There are many benefits of fulfilling your warehousing and distribution requirements through a third-party service provider. Some of which are utilizing a wider service network, saving time, money and risk, benefiting from ongoing industry expertise, flexibility and transparency as well as continuous optimization. These are all directly influential factors that will affect your overall supply chain’s capacity and performance.

We provide a wide range of warehousing and distribution services supported by several other value-added services that are guaranteed to cover your supply chain requirements. We analyse, understand the nature of your supply chain and cater our solution to meet your needs.

Service Range

Our services range:

Dedicated contract services

Dedicated Warehousing solutions

Partial Storage

Distribution Services

Transportation Management

3PL Solutions

Security and Hygiene

Secure and safe locations with 24-hour monitoring and security. Clean and pest controlled spaces

Industry specific solutions

Customize your solution to meet your Industry standards and supply chain objectives. Benefit from combining more than one service for maximum enhancement.

Max Quality Control

Quality control and management to ensure service is always up to standard.

Integrated Technology

We integrate the most advanced technological solutions to improve management monitoring and efficiency.


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